Beauty Insider: Morphe’s Complexion Pro Palettes

Welcome to my first official blog post. In today’s topic we will be reviewing Morphe’s new Complexion Pro Palettes. These Complexion Pro Face Palettes features a matte brightener, matte contour, two bronzers, two blushes, and highlighter tones. Let’s get started!

Beauty tips on to use these palettes :

Brightener: Crate a shine by applying this underneath the eyes, to the inner corners of the eyes, and around the inner cheek area with a precise brush. Feeling glamorous? Add it to the center of the nose.

Bronzer: Use the bronzer on the high parts of your face such as your cheekbones with a fluffy brush to give you that warm sun tan look.

Contour: Use an angled brush to place contour near the hairline and underneath cheekbones for a fab look.

Blush: To add a rose touch. Use a soft brush and place the blush around cheekbones. Glam it up and add a touch on the center of the nose.

Highlighter: Highlight the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and inner eyelids. Add that extra shine underneath the brow bone.

Stay tuned for the next post! 💖


Queen Denisse

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