Queen’s Ulta Beauty Haul


What better way to start off this beautiful morning than stopping by and grabbing Starbucks and by sharing my Ulta Beauty haul with you all?

In today’s post I will be showcasing the products I grabbed on my trip to Ulta Beauty this past weekend. Stay tuned for all the exclusive details on the new goodies!

Kate Spade – New York Fragrance

Retail – (1.3oz) $55.00 (2.0oz) $75.00 (3.3oz) $95.00 USD

About The Product

This fragrance is a fun, joyful and a true beauty product. It smells amazing and this brings out a true Kate Spade woman. The smell is a fruity floral.

Beauty Tip

Apply the fragrance to your pulse point areas. You will be a walking beauty!

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Morphe – Coca Cola Cherry Coke Artistry Palette

Retail – $24.00 USD

About The Product

This refreshing palette brings you pigmented neutrals and bold berry shades. Plus the packaging is super cute!

Beauty Tip

The formula these eyeshadows contain make the product very blendable to the eye. Use any of Morphe’s brush sets to pair it with nicely.


Row 1: Sweet Crave, So Delish, Dessert First, Very Cherry, Fruity Fierce, and Wild Bunch

Row 2: Yum Yum, Gimme More, Glam Pop, Bing It On, With a Twist, and All In

Row 3: Refresh Sesh, pretty Please, Lighthearted, Satisfactions, Pit Happens, and Sundae Fundae

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Too Faced – Cinnamon Swirl Pallete

Retail – $49.00 USD

About The Product

This eyeshadow palette brings you 18 cinnamon roll scented sweet and spicy shades. Highly easily blendable pigmented shades. Too Faced did it again and of course their packaging is just the cutest!

Beauty Tip

For shimmer shades use a clean finger and apply onto the eyelid for an intense look.


Sweet and Spicy, I’m Toasted, Stay Currant, Cinnamon Swirl, Sugar Rush, Gooey goodness, Ready Set Bake!, Sticky Fingers, Food Court, and Batter Up!


Flour Power, Dough Boy, Frost Those Buns, See Me Rollin’, Sticky Buns, Lick the Spoon, Muffin Top, and Luv the Bun UR With

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Morphe – 35D Dessert Bouquet Artistry Palette

Retail – $26.00 USD

About The Product

This palette is full of vibrant bright flower brights, versatile earth tones, and green succulent hues. Super nice touch of the matte and shimmer to help you create that blossom look.

Beauty Tip

Add a drop of water on any eye brush on a shimmer tone for that intense blossom look.


Row 1: Light Linen, Sand Dunes, Adobe, Yucca Yum, Sun Hat, Prickly Pear, and Cacti Love You

Row 2: Villa Vibes, High Noon, Under The Palms, Aloe Goodbye, Phoenix Flora, Hot Nights, and Water Me

Row 3: Big Saguaro, All Sun, Plant Mom, Terrarium, Sundress Season, Agave My Heart, and Rock On

Row 4: Sweet Sage, Yes I Canyon, Take A Hike, Mud Mask, Desert Garden, Mojave Heat, and Hottest Ever

Row 5: Succ On That, Temp Check, Joshua Tree, Plant Zaddy, Cactus fruit, Rich Clay, and Midnight Bloom

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Benefit Cosmetics – They’re Real Magnet Mascara

Retail – $27.00 USD

About The Product

This upgraded mascara is designed to make your lashes look 40% longer than any other mascara brand. It has a magnetic force that intensifies your lashes.

Beauty Tip

Gently wiggle the wand brush from base of lashes to tips for the extreme coat. Let product dry out and gently apply multiple coats for that magnetic long lash look.

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Benefit Cosmetics – High Beam Highlighter

Retail – $18.00 USD

About The Product

This satin liquid pink highlighter is a perfect flow for your cheek and brow bones. This will make your face have a radiance glow!

Beauty Tip

Use the rose gold applicator on any other areas such as the heart of the nose and inner eyelid for that illuminating look.

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