• Do your eye makeup before face makeup
  • Use a makeup brush instead of a beauty blender for a more natural look
  • Prime your lids for more depth on your shadow
  • Keep your skin moisturized
  • Use coffee scrub for puffy eyes
  • Glow your high points
  • Finish your look with setting spray
  • Use a face cleanser after makeup removal
  • Use setting powder after foundation
  • Use mascara on lower lash line for a more defined look


  • Brush your hair from the bottom and work your way up for less tangles
  • Trim the hair tips every 2 months for healthy hair
  • Use chemical free shampoo
  • Chop hair if you have heat damage
  • Wash your hair and scalp every other day
  • Dry hair naturally
  • Massage scalp daily
  • Use microfiber towels to dry hair
  • Deep condition once a week


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